Unframed Original Works of Art

Recent Watercolor Bird Studies and Small Paintings

Merlin Study by Barbara Benda, 5″x7″ watercolor in acid-free 8″x10″ mat, $45.






Merlin  by Barbara Benda, 7″x 10.5″ watercolor on 300 lb. watercolor paper, unmatted, $75.








His Eye is on the Sparrow, Always by Barbara Benda, 6″x 8″ watercolor, matted in 14″x11″ light creme mat, $95










House Sparrow and Pink Sky by Barbara Benda, 6.5″x 10″ watercolor, unmatted,$50





Dee-Dee by Barbara Benda, 5″x7″ watercolor in acid-free 8″x10″ mat, $45.







Songster by Barbara Benda, 7″x5″ watercolor in acid-free 10″x8″ mat, $45.









All of my unframed works of art are original, not reproduction prints. Some of them are mounted on backing board, foam core, or are matted with backing board. Prices vary due depending on how they are mounted. If ordering online, note that tax and shipping charges may apply.

NOTE: Due to large production of art from 2020 to present, I have many originals that are not uploaded to this page. Please make an appointment to visit Double Trouble Gallery to see hundreds of original paintings, unframed. Some are matted, some are mounted. Call 218-443-1126 to make an appointment Monday through Saturday.

Bison Playbook by Barbara Benda, Watercolor, Gouache, and Water-soluble Crayon, 2021.

Bison Playbook, Watercolor,Gouache, and Water-soluble Crayon on YUPO paper (plasticine paper), 20″x26″, in cellophane wrapper, $245.










J & S Mill II, Watercolor, 15″x22″, in acid-free white mat, 21″x28, $325. If purchased without mat, $265. SOLD. 






Lil’ Dee, Watercolor and gouache on black watercolor paper, 7″x 10″, mounted on 8 ply matboard, $95. SOLD.






Camelot, Watercolor, 15″x22″,in clear cellophane, $275. SOLD.









Sundown on the Point, Watercolor, 7″x10.5″, mounted, $34.







Sunrise with Raft, Watercolor, 5″x14″, mounted, $42.



Robin Red Breast, Watercolor, 15″x11″, matted and mounted, $95.









Listen to the Mockingbird, Watercolor, 6″x 9″, mounted on backing board.









One Oak Leaf Immortalized Forever, Watercolor, 5.5″x 7.5″,mounted on backing board, $28.









One Happy Acorn, Watercolor on 300 lb. paper, 5.5″x 7.5″, $24.








Split Rock, Watercolor, 22″x 15″, SOLD.











Saguaro, Watercolor, 15″x11″, mounted on matboard, $125. SOLD.









Floral Arrangement, Watercolor, 15″x11″,$125, in clear cellophane.










Pheasant on the Run (Cole Morris’s photograph used with permission), Watercolor, 15″x11″. SOLD.







God’s Country III, Watercolor, unframed, $395. SOLD.







Slow and Steady, Watercolor, 15″x22″,unframed. SOLD.






Bird’s Beak and a Bison, Watercolor, 15″x11″, unframed, unmatted, $165. This is a 2018 plein-air study painted of a bison I saw at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in Medora, North Dakota. This bull posed for about 25 minutes before wandering away. Plein-air painting is done in the open air. I stand while I paint, using a watercolor easel and palette.








Sun-kissed, Mixed Media Collage on deep-edge canvas, 6″x6″, $65.










Piggy Sue, Mixed Media Collage on canvas, unframed, $165. SOLD.








Straight Lake Foggy Morning, plein-air watercolor mounted on foam core,11″x14″, $48. Currently available for sale at Gallery 4 gift shop, 114 North Broadway, Fargo, ND.SOLD.





Mutton-Bustin’, watercolor, 7.5″x 11″, mounted on foam core, $45. SOLD.