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Do I need to count the strings?

Cellist playing Beethoven  Last Saturday, I was able to get out of the house and attend a free Beethoven concert at the Fargo Public Library. If I have my materials handy, I can sketch and listen to beautiful music at the same time. I use a thin Sharpie marker because it is quiet and doesn’t bother my neighbors as the sound of lead might do. I mostly scribble what I see and I don’t worry about accuracy….Do I need to know the exact number of strings on a cello? Is it important? Not to me.  What I noticed mostly is how this cellist bent his fingers in bizarre, strange ways to press the strings. I did about a dozen quick sketches then took them home and splashed some paint on them. This is what I love about sketching-free, easy, and it gives comfort to my inner being….Listening to Beethoven tunes at the same time…priceless.