August 20-23rd Workshop Opportunity





I am happy to announce I will be teaching my 4-day Drawing and Watercolor workshop in my hometown of Wahpeton, North Dakota. You will learn:

  • How to execute a variety of drawing and watercolor techniques
  • How to make sense of the color wheel and use it to your advantage
  • How to use “value” (lights and darks) to make paintings dramatic
  • How to design your painting rather than copy photograph
  • How to create strong, dynamic compositions

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily (Lunch is on your own)

Location: Red Door Art Gallery, 418 Dakota Avenue, Wahpeton, ND, 58075

Participant profile:All levels of learners, ages 15 and up.


Cost for 4 full days of instruction: $325 per person.  Supplies are extra.  A supply list will be provided or you may order a custom Supply Kit on your registration form (cost: $175.)  This custom kit includes everything on the required supply list.

If you need any special accommodations, please let us know in advance so we may accommodate you accordingly.  Out of courtesy for people with allergies, we ask that participants refrain from wearing perfume, colognes or strong aftershave.

Questions? Please contact Beverly at or 701-610-9529. Beverly will provide you with a registration form to secure a spot in the workshop.


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Medora, Medora…..

Thank you to everyone and the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation who made my time in Medora memorable….June 4th-14th, I had the opportunity to teach a 4 day Spur Your Inner Artist with Drawing and Watercolor course at the Life Skills Center. Some of the workshoppers came to the Theodore Roosevelt Salute Performance and were asked to do blind contour sketches of Teddy (see attached photo)….Some had their photo taken with TR….We had a great time of learning and friendship with art skills expanding by the moment. My twin, Beverly, was an integral part of the 10 days as she promoted, encouraged, and worked hard to make certain that everyone had a great experience.  We also attended the fabulous Medora Musical as a group .











In the three days following the workshop, Beverly and I hosted three afternoons of free drawing activities for children “of all ages”. I also demonstrated how to paint and sketch before the musical in the evenings.

















Beverly and I posed with Cowboy Lyle at the Badlands Pizza and Saloon. I painted this portrait of Lyle two years ago. I met him about four years ago at the Hot Air Balloon Rally. He was out with his camera shooting pictures of the event. The sun hit his hat and face beautifully and I approached him to ask if I could photograph him. He seemed a bit unsure, but he let me take the picture and I painted his portrait. He saw it for the first time last year. Bev and I sought him out on this trip to take us out to the Park one night and show us where the wild horses hang out. He was the best guide and we saw over 60 horses. We took him for pizza the next day and he showed us lots of his fabulous photographs and he told us stories about them. Great memory! Sadly, Cowboy Lyle passed away two weeks after this photo was taken. May He rest in peace. We are grateful for our time spent with him, chasing around after wild horses. He blessed us in many ways.



Beverly and I also did some plein-air painting at Bully Pulpit Golf Course and in Theodore Roosevelt National Park- all a perk of being an artist-in-residence.

If you haven’t been to Medora, ND, pack your bags and go- the glorious wonders of the Badlands and the amazing people you meet will be worth it!

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3 Reasons to Dive into a Drawing and Watercolor Workshop this Summer

If you are someone who has not taken an art class since high school, this is the season to discover or re-discover the artist within. I encourage you to make a move today toward yourself, to discover your talents and a passion that will help you relax and become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. For some of you, you’ve done art in the past, but the pencil and paintbrush are rusty. Taking a workshop is a fabulous way to get back on track.

These are 3 reasons for you to get enrolled in a workshop today:

  1. To express your innate desire to create something new, beautiful, or representative of your unique self. Many of you have experienced life-changing events that block creativity.  Art has a way of giving you a new lease on life and releasing the emotions that keep you from moving forward.
  2. To gain skills in applying foundational knowledge of drawing and painting that will give you confidence in painting beyond the workshop.
  3. To connect with other artists who are also learning and growing in their creative journey. I encourage a sense of community in my workshops so artists get to know each other and benefit from each other’s friendship.

I have 34 years experience in teaching, 40 years experience in drawing and painting, and 60 years of experience in playing. With my 134 years of experience, I believe I can help you learn to draw, paint, and play with success.

These are the workshops I have planned for the remainder of 2018:

August 20-23           Beginning Drawing and Watercolor, Red Door Art Gallery, Wahpeton, ND,                               Contact Bev at 701-610-9529 for more information and a registration form. 

September 24-28             Dillman’s Resort, Lac du Flambeau, WIDrawing and Watercolor for Beginning Artists

For more information, please contact Bev at or 701-610-9529.


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