3 Reasons to Dive into a Drawing and Watercolor Workshop this Summer

If you are someone who has not taken an art class since high school, this is the season to discover or re-discover the artist within. I encourage you to make a move today toward yourself, to discover your talents and a passion that will help you relax and become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. For some of you, you’ve done art in the past, but the pencil and paintbrush are rusty. Taking a workshop is a fabulous way to get back on track.

These are 3 reasons for you to get enrolled in a workshop today:

  1. To express your innate desire to create something new, beautiful, or representative of your unique self. Many of you have experienced life-changing events that block creativity.  Art has a way of giving you a new lease on life and releasing the emotions that keep you from moving forward.
  2. To go to site gain skills in applying foundational knowledge of drawing and painting that will give you confidence in painting beyond the workshop.
  3. To  order Lyrica online connect with other artists who are also learning and growing in their creative journey. I encourage a sense of community in my workshops so artists get to know each other and benefit from each other’s friendship.

I have 34 years experience in teaching, 40 years experience in drawing and painting, and 60 years of experience in playing. With my 134 years of experience, I believe I can help you learn to draw, paint, and play with success.

These are the workshops I have planned for the remainder of 2018:

go here June 4-7                        Medora, ND – Spur Your Inner Artist with Drawing and Watercolor

                                   Contact Bev at 701-610-9529  for more information,

Registration between April 1 – May 22.  To register, call 1-800-MEDORA-1


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August 20-23            Havana, NDDrawing and Watercolor for Beginning Artists – Coteau des Prairies http://cdplodge.com/

                                    A unique prairie experience in southeastern North Dakota!

                                                      Registration opens in June.  Contact Bev at 701-610-9529 for more information.


September 24-28             Dillman’s Resort, Lac du Flambeau, WIDrawing and Watercolor for Beginning Artists http://www.dillmans.com/dcaf/index.html

                                                      For more information, please contact Bev at bbenda@gra.midco.net or 701-610-9529.


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Dillman’s Promotional Event in Hopkins, MN Kept Us Hopping!

The beautiful Hopkins Center for the Arts in Hopkins, MN, was the location for my latest art event,The Festival of Artists, held on March 25th to promote Dillman’s Art Workshop Retreat in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin.  I will be teaching Drawing and Watercolor for the Beginning Artist  this coming September 24th-28th at Dillman’s! I am excited!

I was given the privilege of giving a one-hour demonstration and encouraging artists of all levels to sign up for a workshop at Dillman’s.  In the photo, I am showing brush technique to my new young artist friend! I met so many people and was so happy when I found out two women signed up that day! Thank you, Stephanie, Todd, and Lynn for your assistance and accommodation at this event! I look forward to teaching in the beautiful forests on a peninsula in Wisconsin during a time of great beauty of autumn colors and cool breezes from the lake.

I’ll see you in September….at Dillman’s!  To learn more, please click on this link: http://www.dillmans.com/dcaf/2018/barbara-benda-nagle.html. 



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Fargo Drawing and Watercolor Workshop Successful!

The  Explorations in Drawing and Watercolor Workshop was held at the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) on March 12-15th,2018. What an amazing group of artists! Some stated they had never painted before and some were seasoned veterans. It did not matter. It does not matter where you are on your creative journey. My workshops unite all levels, erase all lines between them, and connect artists on a deeper plane of friendship, sharing, honesty, and affirmation. We all helped one another get to the next level of painting. Each day we progressed from one skill to the next and met Day 4 with confidence in being able to begin a final painting that may need to be fine-tuned at home. I received suggestions to make this workshop a 5-day course and I am planning that for next year when I teach the week of March 11th,2019.  NDSCS was a fabulous venue for us-great lighting, large tables, state of the art technology so lessons were not shared around a table, but all could sit at their own tables and  view a large screen with techniques presented with a document camera. Immediately after the demo, the artists would practice what I showed them.  Thank you, Fargo workshop artists, for being a blessing to me and my wonderful assistant, Beverly. Thank you, NDSCS, for providing a fabulous venue for a drawing and painting workshop. Your staff was so helpful and accommodating. Yes, we will be returning to light the fire for those of you who simply want to better yourselves as artists or dive in to a new passion. Everyone can learn, everyone can draw, everyone can paint. That is my belief and I’m sticking to it!


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