Benda Twins Art Store Opens May 1!

Beverly, my twin, and I are happy to announce the opening of our new online store, the Benda Twins Art Store. You can access an abbreviated store on this website or you can click here to see the store in its entirety  

We decided to create an online store and offer local delivery of our art to your door in the Fargo-Moorhead area for a nominal fee during the summer months.  If you are located outside of this area, please contact me to arrange shipping details as it will be handled on a case-by-case basis. This store is a great way to access original art at affordable prices. Many paintings qualify for free shipping.

Our Spring Art Sale at Mourning Dove Studio in Moorhead is postponed to  May 23-24th from 12-6pm. You are invited to attend this spring art sale event at 809 20th Street North, Moorhead, MN.

Thank you for your support of local artists like Beverly and me! We are grateful for your patronage!

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Announcing Spring Art Sale Changes

My 2020 Spring Art Sale at my Mourning Dove Studio in Moorhead will be postponed from May 2-3rd to May 23-24th, 2020, depending on Covid-19 restrictions in Minnesota. I am hopeful about keeping my art business up and running through the year. I will be having an online preview sale on this website starting May 1-22nd with curbside delivery or pick up options available within the Fargo-Moorhead area. I may also be able to ship, depending on the size of the artwork. On May 23-24th, God-willing, I will be able to host an open studio with social distancing/sanitation guidelines in place.

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March Workshop Deemed a Success!

March 16-20th, 2020 Beginning Drawing and Watercolor Workshop

This was a week of serious learning, serious laughter, and the creation of new friendships as we were able to have my last workshop before schools were shut down due to Covid-19. We practiced social distancing with our tables apart, hand sanitizer available, and all participants had not been traveling, so I thank God we were able to have this week together. This may be the group that practices more than any other group with social isolation soon to follow for  weeks afterward. Life did not get back to normal, so I hope everyone kept their paint brushes wet in the past few weeks. We didn’t have a group picture, so those willing to take a chance standing by me had their photos taken with one of their paintings.Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm, positive energy, sense of humor, and diligence in practicing!










Top: Suzanne and lighthouse study; Ida and her two studies of the Road Home; Jill and her robin painting; bottom left: Ken and his greyscale design for his mountain painting; Terry and a painting of Johnson Park that she purchased; Alicia and her painting of farmers during fall harvest; Mary and her tulip study;  Annette with her final color study of a Palm Springs golf scene and Dorothy with her beginnings of her color study .  Missing: Brian C.  The last photo is of the beginnings of the artist’s Japanese Tree Peony paintings. They nailed the center of the flower!

Thanks for a fabulous week! I look forward to seeing your progress on our group Facebook page!









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